Photographic Analysis Submission Form


Dear Submitter,

Thank you for your desire to submit evidence to the MABRC Evidence Review Board. Please be assured, that all evidence submitted to the board will be examined closely for it's merits/faults and a report will be forthcoming to you.

Please keep in mind, the Evidence Review Board is made up of volunteers, and as such, there may be some delay in responses as these volunteers also take care of their personal lives while on this board.

Once you submit this form, you will be contacted by a member of the board on how to transfer the evidence to the board for review. If you don't hear anything within 24 hours, please email with the details and the webmaster will insure someone contacts you quickly.

Thank you,
MABRC Webmaster
Photographic Image
1. We need two additional comparison photos to accompany the submitted photo, made from the same vantage point later (preferably within days.) The first comparison photo should be a photo showing exactly the scene where the subject was originally photographed showing there is nothing in place where the original photo showed the subject, and the second comparison photo using a person (or object of known height and size) for size comparison.
2. We need the original uncropped photographic image files.
File transfer
Please note: A member of the MABRC Evidence Review Board will contact you soon to discuss the transfer of the photos to the Evidence Review Board.