MABRC Membership Application


Dear Applicant,

D.W. Lee, Executive Director from the MABRC here. Thank you for applying for researcher/analyst status in the MABRC. In order to complete the application process for researcher status, the Membership Coordinator needs to conduct a brief phone interview with you. If you haven't already put those times in the specified location on the application form, please send those those times to call in a return e-mail to this address.  The Membership Coordinator will then select one and inform you by e-mail when he will be calling.

In the meantime, (if you haven't already), I strongly urge you to register at the MABRC Bigfoot discussion forum just as soon as you can and begin to interact with the other researchers and forum members so folks can get to know you. You can register here:

Just a few tips: start by introducing yourself, that's the best way to get folk's attention. Sometimes members are busy posting their research, reading in the library, or chatting in the chat room, so don't be discouraged if your posts don't receive an instant response. Keep posting and introducing yourself and get involved in some of the discussions the best you can. I'm sure you'll find that MABRC members are warm and receptive. Our goal is to make you feel welcome and at home here at MABRC.

Thanks for your prompt response to this matter. Let me know if you experience any difficulties registering, or if there is any problem determining a phone date. 

We are looking forward to talking with you.

Thank you,

D.W. Lee

Executive Director


Mid-America Bigfoot Research Center

Why do you want to join the MABRC?
What experience do you have that would help you research Bigfoot?
What type of equipment do you have to research with? I.E. parabolic devices, night vision, trail cams, thermal cameras, etc.
Did watching a TV Show or Movie about Bigfoot inspire you? Did you have a personal encounter with a Bigfoot? What gave you an interest in Bigfoot?
Do you belong to another Bigfoot Research Group like the BFRO, TBRC, GCBRO, or another established research group. Do not include Facebook Groups, as these are not consider legitimate research groups.
Do you believe that Bigfoot can do such things as cloaking, Interdimensional travel, or other supernatural items, or do you believe that they have more natural abilities, please explain.
Positions available in the MABRC are Field Researcher or Analyst.
The MABRC Forums is the main communication portal of the MABRC Organization and membership is contingent upon your joining the forum and interacting with the MABRC Researchers. Upon joining, your access will be upgraded to MABRC Applicant. If you have already joined, please put your Forum Screen Name down here too.
Please list several good times for a MABRC Member to call you for an interview, please give 5 days for your application to be processed and someone to call you.