Oklahoma Bigfoot Symposium 2022

It's on for March 12th-13th, 2022 for the Oklahoma Bigfoot Symposium in Stilwell, OK at CC Camp south of Stilwell.  For more details visit Oklahoma Bigfoot Symposium Home Page


Our featured guest speaker is Ken Gerhard, noted author, TV star and Cryptozoologist.


D.W. Lee is now writing newspaper articles

D.W. Lee is now writing Bigfoot articles for the local newspaper in Stilwell, OK. Hopefully these will find their way into other papers around the state and perhaps get more people to come forward with their sightings.

2021 Oklahoma Bigfoot Symposium

The 2021 Oklahoma Bigfoot Symposium has been scheduled for March 13th-14th, 2021 at CC Camp in Stilwell, OK.  Make plans now to attend.

The Cherokee Search for Bigfoot

The Mid-America Bigfoot Research Center was approached by Osiyo.TV, the television broadcasting company of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma to help with an episode about Bigfoot in the Cherokee Tribal Boundaries.  For nearly six months, we went into the field with camera crews, interviews and more to put together this episode in which the producer and his crew did an excellent job of putting it together.  We hope that this production meets the approval of the Bigfoot Community as we worked our hardest to make it as accurate and scientific as possible.

 The Cherokee Search for Bigfoot